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    My First FAYS

    January 29, 2011 by Moviepopcorn123

    Now we all know that you are going to make your own moof/normal and then me Silveraqua16 or Firecatcher3 will create the FAYZ well heres for all who want me to make the story. I am goin to start out with ten kids and involve poofing (if they are 14 close to 15), powers, and some characters from the story. I will except more kids after I write a couple of days with these 10. I will put an announcement up for all people who want to submit.

    1. Eddie "Lightning" Bells age: 13 poofing: 15 months away
    2. Sapphire Revlis age: 14 Poofing: 4 months away

    9 spots left ot fill.

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  • Moviepopcorn123


    January 27, 2011 by Moviepopcorn123

    Hey guys well I thought that maybe we could start a new thing with FAYS like what we did with Hunger Games so Sliveraqua16 and Firecatcher3 lets come up with some ideas. Heres a few from me:

    1. We make our own Mutants and tell there power and stuff
    2. We start this thing where we make people like submit characters for the war.
    3. We could make FAYS

    Tell me what you think and we will work from there

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