Sam (In the book trailer)


Sam Temple

Sam Temple is the main protagonist in the Gone series.


Before the FAYZ, Sam loved to surf with his "brah" Quinn. Sam is also known as School Bus Sam because he drove a bus to safety a few years back. While on a field trip, the bus driver had a heart attack. Fortunatly, Sam jumped up and drove the bus to the shoulder of the road before it drove of a cliff. His mother is Connie Temple, the school nurse at Coates Academy. Sam's real father died when the meteor came and his step father left. He left because one night he was fighting with Connie and was holding a knife. Sam paniked and accidentaly shot lasers and his hand, burning it off.

During the FAYZEdit


Sam can shoot beams of light through his hands when scared/angry. He can also produce 'Sammy Suns'