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Quinn and Orsay


Quinn is Sam Temple's best friend. They were surfing buddys before the FAYZ. Quinn has always been slightly in Sam's shadow, but most of the time, he is there for him. Quinn was there when Sam drove the school bus because the driver had a heart-attack. Quinn is not courageous or a leader like Sam but he is nice enough and can be relied upon to get a job done. Quinn's strange dress sense is descibed at the beggining of Gone.

In The FAYZEdit

In the FAYZ, Quinn is always by Sam's side. He once betrayed Sam to Caine. Quinn came up with the idea of fishing to feed the kids and that is how he really became known around the FAYZ. Everyone was starving, and Quinn brought fish. Quinn now has a fishing company which he leads daily. Albert hired Quinn to fish for him and Albert then sells the fish. Quinn is one of the main people feeding the kids in Perido Beach .