After she was caught sneaking out vodka to her 15 year old friend Lana was sent to her grandpa's. They were on there way out when her grandpa disappered and she was in a terrible car crash.

During the FAYZEdit

For the first two days of FAYS Lana laid in the wildness with a severly broken arm and only her dog, Patrick, to keep her company. When a mountian lion attacked, Patrick defended her and saved her but recieved a fatal wound. Lana tried to stop the blood begging her dog to say with her and fell asleep. When she woke up her Patrick was healed. She then layed her hand on her broken arm and fell asleep again. When she woke up, it was healed. After healing the rest of herself, she got up and found Hermit Jim's shack. There she stayed with Patrick and a good supply of food. ~This section needs to be worked on


Lana's power is the ability to heal, she can heal external wounds but nothing internal, such as head aches.