Emma and Anna are twins. They are the first to disapper after FAYS starts

Befor FAYSEdit

Before FAYS Anna and Sam went on a date to see a movie. Sam only agreed because he felt obligated to go. Anna thought it was a good date and told him before she disappered.

During FAYZEdit

Anna and Emma are the helpers in the daycare. They along with Mary runned the daycare for a little bit. Even though Mary is incharge Anna and Emma are right up their and seemed to have control over the kids.


Emma and Anna are going to the beach for a picnic with the prees, they see same and tell him tell him to wish them a happy birthday. Sam does and realizes a little after what it means. He goes back and asks Anna when they were born. They dont know so Sam relaxes saying he over reacted. Then Emma disappered and Anna was scared. She held Sams hand telling him not to let go, when she disappers Sam says he saw her shimmer for a second then disappered.