Duck is a freak Asian boy who is not very attractive nor socializes with girls. He has the power to control his density, meaning he can make himself so light that he floats into the air or so heavy that he can drill through the ground. At first he hates his power, but at the end of the book, it is his power that is essential in defeating the Gaiaphage. He very hesitantly accepts the duty of drilling into the mineshaft to allow the others to save Lana from the Gaiaphaige, and admits honestly that he does not want to be a hero. Yet, he decides to stay and venture on to encounter the Gaiaphaige with Caine and Sam--a heroic offer that does not even make sense to himself--and then sacrifices himself to defeat the monster. He realizes in the end that he had wanted to be a hero. Edilio makes a memorial for him because they did not have his body. He is regarded as a hero by the end of the book Hunger.