Drake merwin by jevsy-d3eistk

Drake Merwin is 14-year old boy from Coates Academy. He first appears in Gone and is considered Caine's number one henchman. He is nicknamed "Whip Hand" by the coyotes of the FAYZ when Lana "heals" his arm into a long snake like limb after it being burned off by Sam . Drake is considered a sociapath and is very dangerous.

Why he was sent to CoatesEdit

He was sent to Coates Academy after he shot a boy in his neighboorhood named Holden, Holden liked to go over to Drake's house and harras him. Drake shot him in the thigh, and Holden nearly died, Drake clamed it was an accident.


Little is known about Drake's life before the FAYZ, but we do know that Drake's father was the Town Sherrif, In Chapter 23, Drake flashes back to when his father is teaching him how to shoot a gun. In one chapter, Drake took down Orc using a baseball bat and jabbing it into specific points in Orc's body, his kidneys, sides etc. He could have learned this technique from his father.


Drake is described as being very strong, his hair a sandy color and is shaggy with cold, gray eyes. His smile is often refered to as shark like - "too little humour, too many teeth", and he is depicted to be good-looking. When he gains his whip, it is five to ten feet long and is the color of dried blood. It is seen constantly moving.


In Gone when Sam Temple burned his right arm off, the Darkness gifted him with a deadly whip as his new right "hand". He is nicknamed "Whip Hand" by the coyotes of the FAYZ.