The Darkness

The Darkness is the main antagonist in the Gone series. It's real name is the Gaiaphage and it lives in a mine shaft.

Who it AffectedEdit

  • Drake Merwin - It gave him his whip hand.
  • Caine Soren - At the end ofbook one, Pack Leader took Caine to see it
  • Sam Temple
  • Lana Arwen Lazar
  • Orsay - In Hunger, she was taken to it so she could see it's dreams. But it told her to bite her tongue off.
  • Ediilio- When Lana was possesed, she shot Edilio in the chest almost killing him.


In Gone and Hunger, the Darkness had no solid body but was just a greenish light in the mine shaft near Hermit Jack's shack. Later, it used Lana to give life to a body that

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