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Caine is Sam Temple's twin brother. Their mother, Connie Temple, chose to keep Sam and give Caine away. Caine goes to school at Coates Academy, where Connie works so she can watch him grow up. Caine is a natural born leader. He has a talent of controlling his emotions and his facial expressions. Caine doesn't know he has a brother.

In The FayzEdit

In the Fayz, Caine has a power. He can make things move using his hands and mind. He is one of the most powerful people in the Fayz. Caine gets the kids at Coates together after the Fayz and they drive to Perido Beach and basically try to take it over. Sam, who is the leader of Palm Beach, doesn't let it happen. Caine eventually finds out that Sam is his brother when he searches his house. Sam and Caine hate each other. Caine wants to be leader of the Fayz, but if forced out of Palm Beach by Sam when Sam beats him. Sam lets Caine live, but he must go back to Coates. At the end of Hunger, Caine and Sam come together to defeat the Darkness. Sam and Caine still hate each other.

Social LifeEdit

Caine is in love with Diana, although he doesn't admit it strait away. When Diana is fatally injured at the end of Hunger, Caine lets everyone know he loves her by crying and forcing Lana to heal her first when the battle with The Darkness is over. Caine is still very much in love with Diana.